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Mowing the lawn is something of a chore to most people, but not us. Every yard is unique, which is why we custom tailor our approach to best meet the specific needs of your lawn.

Our team of skilled workers are experts in lawn mowing and maintenance. They know grass, and will deliver a perfect cut each and every time. During each visit, we not only mow your lawn, but trim and edge your lawn, as well as clear off your driveway.

  • Essential Care: Includes weekly mows, semi-monthly lawn edging, and blowing sidewalks and driveways. We will also prune your bushes and trees during the winter.

  • Standard Care: Includes weekly mows, semi-monthly lawn edging, blowing sidewalks and driveways, a lawn fertilization program, shrub bed cleanup, weed control, fall leaf clean-up, and winter pruning.

  • Premium Care: Includes all of the above services plus tree and shrub fertilization, summer pruning, hedge shearing, perennial maintenance, and sprinkler.


Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter

Junior Landscape Maintenance has crews devoted to yard clean-ups. We can remove undesirable, unattractive or troublesome weeds from lawns, flower beds and all yard areas. After meeting with you and evaluation your needs, we can custom tailor the job to suit your particular situation.

Afterwards our professional landscapers can apply bark dust, plant, trim your landscape to give your home the curb appeal that will make your yard stand out in the neighborhood. Call us today and let us customize a plan for you.

  • Mulching Services: We'll add mulch to your landscaped beds, shrubs and trees. Mulch will give your property a complete look of tidiness and it will help control weed growth.

  • Pruning services: If you want your shrubs, small trees, and hedges to have a clean, natural look. Our skilled landscape employees can make your plants look as nature had intended them to be, only better.


You can count on us for a health beautiful lawn. Junior Landscape Maintenance will keep your lawn on a regularly schedule balanced diet of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Call us today to schedule regular treatment.

Mulching, Bark dust & Decorative Rocks

Mulching is a beneficial practice over soil to maintain moisture and improve soil conditions. Like many other types of mulch, bark dust is used in gardening and landscaping for its properties in affecting soil pH, in regulating the temperature of the underlying soil, and preventing water loss and erosion.

Bark dust increases soil acidity, and the decomposition of bark dust consumes nitrogen, especially when fine bark mulch is mixed in with soil; coarser bark dust laid on top of soil will extract nitrogen at a much slower rate. Bark dust is also effective at absorbing water and preventing water loss due to evaporation. A call us today for a free quote.

Pruning Trees & Shrubs

Proper pruning encourages healthy growth. A professional pruning will not only improve your tree's health, but improve its overall appearance.

Pruning at the right time of year is important. Some tree should be trim late fall or early winter after the sap has gone down. While others are best right after flowering or fruit production.

Junior Landscape know the best time to prune each variety of tree. Let us take the guess work out of landscape maintenance and call us to schedule a cost free estimate today.

Hedges and shrubs must be maintained regularly to maintain an attractive and health look. Junior Landscape Maintenance trimming techniques will keep shrubs and hedges health and give that attractive yard.

Call us today and let us set you up with a maintenance schedule to keep your shrub and hedges looking their best.


Planting can be done all year round. Junior Landscape Maintenance can plant seasonal flowers and foldage that will enhance your property no matter what time of the year it is.

Call us today to discuss how we can meet your landscaping goals.